Product care

Once your bespoke product is installed, ensuring that the moisture content is maintained is crucial. It is very important to continue regular maintenance of your new product, especially if it will be subjected to extreme weather conditions. You can do this with choosing the correct primer and paint for your product or regular oiling. If it is not sufficiently protected this could cause sun damage, warping and bowing and also expansion and swelling.  Sun damage will aesthetically effect your product, any increase in moisture content will cause structural damage.

Regular maintenance of timber products is essential if you are to retain a beautiful finish and prolong their use. If you care for your doors, windows and stairs, they will last a lifetime.

All EDGES,TOPS and BOTTOMS of doors must be SEALED when decorated for adequate protection from elements. The periods you leave between maintenance checks will vary depending on the type of paint or stain chosen and the local environmental conditions.

External joinery
The decorative finish applied to windows, external doors and gates must be preserved while they are in service to ensure moisture does not penetrate the wood.
Please maintain your products in accordance with the paint, stain or oil manufacturers guidelines, to prevent the finish from deteriorating and to protect the timber underneath. We recommend making an annual inspection and suggest touching up any areas of wear and tear.

External joinery should be cleaned inside and out every six months as a minimum, using a mild, non-abrasive detergent and soft cloth. When cleaning windows, check that drainage holes, channels and spaces are clear and remove any obstructions carefully with a soft brush or pipe cleaner.

If resistance is felt on opening sashes or doors always investigate the cause. Never force products open or shut as this could cause damage.
In areas that are subject to severe exposure, external door sets will benefit from being sheltered by a porch, hood or canopy, in addition to the decorative protection.

High build paints, stains and oils can be purchased from most decorators centres and some retailers.
Click here to be taken to the Osmo UV protection oil webpage. This is the oil we use if the customer requires a wood finish rather than painted. The website has all their products and offers advice on how to maintain your bespoke products   
If you would like a quote for painting, we can put you in touch with our local painter and decorator to get a price. 

Interior doors
Unlike external woodwork, your internal doors do not require any ongoing maintenance, other than the occasional repaint to brighten up the finish or change the style of your room.

Hinges, rivets and other moving parts must never be painted and should be kept clean and lubricated lightly at all times with Vaseline or neutral oil.

Clean and lubricate at least once a year and more often in coastal areas and places where pollution is high.

 Click here to be taken to the link for the oil we use.